About Us

As CoderSTY and CoderSTY team, our priority is to find solutions to your problems and requests. With our experienced team and high experience, we provide website services, mobile application services, Internet of Things services, hosting services, seo services and design services for your brand, website, mobile application so that you can have a better ranking and get more customer.

In our working principle, depending on the length of the work, what is done and what to do is written in a common Google Document. Thus, our customer follows what we do day by day, what we do. Then, we are ready to produce a great solution for you by staying true to the terece end date. At the beginning of the work, first of all, the negotiations about the service you will receive from us, and the things to be done are started to be put into practice, and then the decision is made and written together to prevent confusion.

We look forward to providing you with the highest quality service with our portfolio of customers increasing day by day. Since our company uses e-invoices, your invoices are sent to your e-mail address after making a direct payment.

In this world, which we started as a homeoffice in Istanbul, we will always be by your side with our increasing service quality and expanding customer portfolio. It is completely free to contact us, ask something and even get offers and ideas. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction.

Tax number : 3250038125
Tax Administration : İstanbul / Tuna
Telephone : +90 850 304 91 98