Confidentiality Agreement

These privacy principles have been prepared by CoderSTY for the determination of their responsibilities regarding privacy. The following items contain the rules for collecting and distributing information on the website. We will use your IP address to troubleshoot our servers and to manage our website. Your IP address will be used to collect you and your clear demographic information.

CoderSTY does not control and censor the information that its users send and publish through their services. Users are responsible for the legal consequences of the activities they will perform during the use of CoderSTY services. In the registration form to the customer database of our site, our users should specify all the desired information such as contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail address, etc.). We use the contact information we receive in this form for the transactions of our users, in emergencies and in the delivery of your invoice.

Our users can delete their records from our system depending on their requests. The financial information obtained will be used in collecting the price of the products and services purchased and in other necessary situations. Personal information will be used to log in to our users and, where necessary, to verify the identity of the individual. Statistical information and profile information are also collected on our site. This information can be used in all situations. This information will be used in the case of tracking visitor movements, providing personalized content. Our website also has links to other web sites. Our website is not responsible for the privacy policies and content of other sites.

Confidentiality Agreement
Before or after the date of signature of this Agreement, in order to implement the contract, by the employees of the Party concerned, or on behalf of the Party concerned, to the other Party and / or to the employees of the other Party, in writing and / or orally and / or disclosed within the internet and / or soft environment and / or acquired by the other Party, employees of the other Party; customer information, shopping information, sales information, service information, product information, payment information, account information, bank information, financial models, simulations, personnel information, operating and service information, pricing information, operating methods, ideas, inventions of the Party concerned. , know-how, brands, logos, patents, software, source codes, intellectual and industrial property rights, design rights, trade secrets, technical processes, formulas, plans, schemes, licenses and permits, schemes of drawings, models, projections, business plans ALL INFORMATION that Parties disclose to each other and / or acquires about the other Party, including market opportunities, reports or data prepared by the Party concerned or a third party on its behalf; ALL INFORMATION provided; All service analysis, compilation, work, proposal and other documents prepared by both parties; All commercial agreements or agreements concluded between the parties, contracts that include confidential information exchange; and but not limited to any information. The parties have unconditionally accepted that, following the conclusion of this contract, they have declared and disclosed all their confidential information to each other with their free will and acceptance.

Each party should keep all information strictly private and confidential, not use it for any reason, not use it for any reason, directly or indirectly, or allow any third party and / or legal persons and organizations to use it. , Not disclosing, reporting, publishing or disclosing Confidential Information to any 3rd real and / or legal person, firm, agency or institution, not taking all necessary precautions in this regard, not copying or duplicating any part of Confidential Information or any other 3. Not to transfer / not give the original / / reproduced state to real and / or legal persons and organizations, not to disclose the confidential information partially or completely to real and / or legal persons and organizations. notify employees and managers to provide the employees and their employees under their commitment, and that they are directly responsible for and in accordance with this confidentiality agreement, and that they apply themselves with the security measures and diligence applied to the Confidential Information of the Other Party to their own confidential information and intellectual property information, ABOUT THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA, they undertake to be fully and fully adhered to and comply with all the issues and responsibilities set out in the Personal Data Protection Law, the related defective party will be responsible for any damages that will otherwise occur and / or occur, unconditionally irrevocably accepted.

The Firm agrees and undertakes to show the same care to protect this confidential information of its own, in protecting the Confidential information of the Customer. The company also warns its workers and sub-employees about the confidentiality of information.

Everything else is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act.