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You can enter weight and length with multiple units.


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You can perform all your transactions through just one activity.

You can perform all operations from here with a single screen to meet you. You can apply all the settings of the application on this activity and learn the body mass index from this section.

Today, it is important to pay attention to our health. We can learn our body mass index by calculating body mass index. Some numbers make sense in the calculation of body mass index.


You can easily enter LBS weight units with the KG.

For people who use our app all over the world, you can enter any of the most used weight units.

To use the most used weight units, if you don't have anything to do, you can simply press the weighting process by selecting the weight unit you want to enter from the main screen.



You can easily enter INCH length units with CM.

For people who will use our application from all over the world, we have added the most users of our weight and length units to our application.

In this way, regardless of where you live in the world by using the most commonly used length units, cm and inc you can easily perform your calculation.


The ratio of your weight to your height tells your body mass index.

When you calculate the body mass index, you will come to a conclusion about your situation. This result will show you both as a value and will inform you about your situation.

These numbers will be mentioned below and the values corresponding to these numbers are stated in the application. What do body mass index numbers mean?

                                    - 18.5 and below => Poor
                                    - 15.5, 24.9 => Normal
                                    - 20.0, 29.9 => Overweight
                                    - 40 and up => Overweight
The above values are fully expressed within the application. You can learn our body mass index by our application. Come on, what's up? Download our application now. Do not worry ! It will take up less space on your phone.


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